21 Oct 2015

Getting The Perfect Edge

Someone asked me how many times my edges are filed and coated.

Ans: My edges go through a lot of filing and coating and filing and coating before I'm finally satisfied...then I file and coat one last time lol. See pictures of before and after below;

The first 2 images shows Missy wallet right after it's completed but before filing. The 3rd is the wallet after a number of filings. Now I can't say how many times I file a project before its OK... because different leathers react differently to the edge coat and filing. So I file until I'm satisfied and by 'satisfied' I mean until it's smooth and even to touch.

What do I use to file?
Ans: Sandpaper or glass paper. Sold in most hardware stores. Check the hardware section at Shoprite also. They come in different grades of smoothness from very rough to very smooth, depending on the thickness of my leather I usually start with mid rough and finish with the smooth (hope this makes sense) It's a lot of hard work if you want a perfect smooth finish but then we all know that nothing good comes easy ba ����

Gotta run. Will post complete pictures of the Missy wallet soon. Thank you so much for stopping by and my your reality be much better than your dreams ��


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20 Oct 2015

Testing Bloggeroid App

*whispers to self* hope this blogging app will make me a consistent blogger *sigh*
The goal is to try and post... Doesn't necessarily have to be long just post. I think I will do same as I do on Instagram yeah... Picture + short accompanying write up + post! Nothing complicated no... Like someone said "JUST BLOG!!!"
So, here goes...

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30 Aug 2015

New Bag Alert: Wonu Clutch/Cross-Body Bag

This has to be my shortest post ever! See for yourself ;) 

A simple fold over clutch that can double as a cross-body bag. Th interior just has a small compartment, nothing too complicated...the bag is sized for essential everyday items and the handle detaches to go from day to night. I should have more colours ready within the week and will put them up in the shop asap! See more pictures below;

See what I mean by shortest post? Hehehehe...anyways what do you think? Would love to hear from you. 

Just so you know, Gidan Nodza bags are available for purchase here. Also you can like our facebook fan page here and our Instagram page here for quick updates and to view more pictures.

Thank you so much for stopping by and may your reality be much bigger than your dreams, Ameen. 


16 Aug 2015

AfriMod: The Online Stockist with a difference

Gidan Nodza has a new on line stockist! Whop! whoop!! Now let me be honest here, finding the right on line platform to sell my kinda product (design wise and price point) is not easy. I find that my items get lost or misunderstood when sold on platforms that sell what people are used to :(. First, people that are looking to buy handmade accessories don't believe that my goods are "handmady" enough #confused... and those that believe it is handmade think it's too pricey and would rather buy an "Authentic Fake' bag or wallet or belt. I've had stockist return my items with these feedback from their customers, advising me to either reduce my price or use regular print fabric or even go to China and produce in bulk which they are sure will reduce the price *sigh* Sometimes I just can't deal... but this is where AfriMod comes in! 

Now a little bit about them: "AfriMod is a marketplace dedicated to "African Modern." AfriMod hosts independent online shops that showcase and market handcrafted home decor, fashion and beauty products, original arts and prints, and much more. In addition, independent professionals, artists, designers, artisans and bloggers use AfriMod StyleBooks to build and market their brands while spreading the word on African Modern." As you can see this is right up my alley *wink wink* My products will feel right at home. Also, the site is "Visitor Specific" which I love! As in, you wont be there if you are looking for mass-produced-low-quality-every-body-and-their-mama-has-it product .... no sir, you wont lol!

More from their site "Makers, irrespective of location (city, town or village), list and sell their goods on line directly to consumers world-wide without resorting to middle-men. As such, consumers are able to access a wider variety of high quality handcrafted products and buy directly from makers who otherwise would remain largely unknown to global shoppers. In turn, the makers have an additional opportunity to improve their livelihood and self-reliance."

Another plus about AfriMod is that our International customers can now see, want and pay straight away for items. No more back and forth with bank transfer/Western Money transfer issues like before. I mean how cool is that? Easy and safe transaction all in one package ������������

Enough talk already! Check out screen shots of the kinda items you are most likely to find on the site. While you are at it, why don't you stop by our shop here, there's probably something there with your name on it *wink wink* Will try to update the shop often so please stop by every now and then to find that one item. 

You can read more about AfriMod and their goals, missions and all of that good stuff here. Also, if perhaps you know people that make great stuff but have no internet time and you wanna make extra income...I mean who doesn't want extra income? AfriMod has a great Associates program where you can sell on someones behalf and get a commission. Interested? Read more here

Anywhoos, gotta run �� Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week ahead.


3 Aug 2015

New Bag Alert: Khome Tote Bag

If you are a big bag girl then the Khome Tote Bag is right up your alley. I have to confess that when I started these bags I had started them off as January Bags but somewhere in-between sewing up the cut outs and fixing the bottom cups the style morphed into these beauties ��������

For these bags I tried something I had wanted to try out for a while now but was never sure it was going to come out right, the leather cutout with 3D dyed canvas laid peeking out through the cutouts...makes sense? Oh well I guess you can see what amma trying to say lol! My major worry was getting a smooth cut all through especially at points where two lines meet. I must admit that making these cutouts were easy enough... prolly its cause they are basically straight lines although I had to sharpen my knife after almost every cut. Rounder/curvier shapes might be a bit more difficult to pull off but seeing as these turned out, I'm looking forward to trying out more shapes�������� the possibilities are endless... #Icantwait 

So, about the bags, The Khome totes measure approx. 14"Wide, 12" High and 5" Deep. The interior of each bag has 2 phone pouches, a zipped compartment and an extra pouch and bag zips to close. The handle of bag is very shoulder friendly lol, also the base of bag is protected by 6 bottom cups. 

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes pictures below and well as more pictures of the Khome Tote Bag. Unfortunately I always forget to photograph my bag making processes from the beginning, I guess I'm always excited when I'm starting something new that I jump right in and only realise what I didn't do only when I come up for air and by then it's to late to start so... I guess in this case half bread is better than none abi? Will do better ���� 

The black version is sold off but the Red and Lilac are available for purchase here. Our International customers will be happy to know that the site is Oyibo friendly ('Oyibo' in this case referring to customers outside the shores of Nigeria) hehehe (more about that in the next post *fingers crossed) So you can buy, pay (with your card of course) checkout and we will deliver straight to you ������������. If you are in Nigeria, just send a mail to houseofnodza@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP!

So, what do you make of our Khome Tote? Would love to hear your two cents.

Thank you so much for stopping by and may life be good  to you- Amen.


15 Jun 2015

Blast From The Past: Just Another Random Photo Shoot

This post was waaaaay back in may 2010. Some of the bags pictured here are definitely going to make a comeback... revamped versions of course ����

I had fun posing (so to speak) for these pictures. All bags were then available for purchase but not anymore hehehe. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week.


13 Jun 2015

#Spotted and New Bag Alert!

The beautiful, talented and award winning Make Up Artist @jbeautyfull was spotted rocking our new Tamuno Shoulder Bag (Yes! the J-Beautyfull Cross Body Bag was named after her...oh yeah! she's cool like that ��). Love how she dressed it down with the dress shirt, shorts and those shoes!!! *sigh* the glasses nko? To die for! P.S: Those shoes are the truth!!! apart from the bag that is hehehehe ����The look says it all, simple, comfortable in my skin, laid back but I dare you not to take me seriously, love it! 

The Tamuno Shoulder bag is really something isn't it? Just the right size for the days you want to tote around essentials like wallet, phones, essential cosmetic, keys, small note pad, pocket tissue... what else really? Interior has phone pouch and a zipped compartment. 

Happily none of the bags are available for purchase yaaay!!! But we can make something similar if this is your cuppa tea. More pictures after the jump.

8 Jun 2015

3D Dyeing Up Close.

I have been missing in action for a bit now... I am sorry ��, will TRY to see that this docent happen again...for this long I mean ��, this is the longest I've been MIA abi? lol! I have been super busy *but then who hasn't?* Let me just shut it and jump right into things yeah hehehehe. Please forgive me, I will try I promise I will try.

So while I'm thinking about the best way to "resume" blogging let me share some close up pictures of my 3D dyeing technique (I wrote more about the technique here)

Thank you so much for stopping by and may the grass be greener on your side- Ameen.


23 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We would sincerely like to thank our customers and clients, fans and well wishers for the patronage and support in 2014. As we look forward to the year 2015, we at Gidan Nodza would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.
Happy holidays guys...

10 Dec 2014

Post Fusion Lifestyle Event Update...

Thank you all for your usual support. Will put up event pictures soon but meanwhile... we are giving away some small handmade leather items with every purchase on our web shop here starting from tomorrow 11th December 2014. It is going to be a #Christmasforall this season. Don't miss it ��

Thanks again for the support


3 Dec 2014

Blog feature And A Giveaway!

While you were all getting on with your bizzzznizzz I got featured... Yaaaay!!! *doing the moonwalk* For those that do not know, I am very protective of my workshop space and hardly let people in but I had to make an exception for this lady and her crew. Yeah, she's cool like that + this is not her first blog feature about GN so... she gets an automatic entry into my 'cave' lol!

Head over to the blog here to read the post here. There is also a giveaway on the blog, a lucky winner gets to win a GN bag so move on over to the blog to read the terms and conditions to make you eligible to win.

Read the first post here.

Gotta run...still in the thick of prepping for the #fusionbig5 event. Read about it here. If you are in Lagos come 7th December and you have nothing planned around noon, why don't you come over and say hi. There will be lots to see and do I assure you, who knows you might do your Christmas shopping there and then ;) The venue is Victoria Crown Plaza (VCP) Hotel, Ajose Adeogun Str, Victoria Island and entry is free! 
Hope to see you there.


1 Dec 2014

Insta-Collage and Fusion Event Update


An #instacollage of some of the items that will be available at this years Fusion Lifestyle event taking place this Sunday 7th December here in Lagos Nigeria at Victoria Crown Plaza (VCP) Hotel. Like I mentioned in my previous post there will be loads of fun to be had, lots to eat and drink and also you can view and purchase items from other merchants who will set up shop as well.

Hope to see you there ;)


29 Nov 2014

You Are Invited To Another Fusion Lifestyle Affair!

If you're going to be in Lagos, Nigeria come December 7th why don't you stop over and say hi and who knows you might find something on our shelves with your name on it. Also, there will be a lot of fun to be had, not to mention an opportunity to network and this might be a good time to get that special someone a gift. I hear handmade gifts are the rave now *wink*

When: 7th December 2014
Time: 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: Victoria Crown Plaza (VCP) Hotel, Ajose Adeogun Str, Victoria Island
Entry Fee: FREE!!! 

Hope to see you there.


18 Nov 2014

Red, Black and A Tumilara Bag

I am so busy preparing for another Fusion event come December 7th 2014. Yes! Another December another event, kinda a nice way to end the year isn't it? (More abourrit in a GN minute) But before then let me keep you guys abreast with that is going on in my small world hehehe...

Well, remember this bag made from this original version? Well a customer wanted the same bag but made with the fabric used for the black and red version of this bag. This same customer also wanted the purple version of the 3D Tumilara bag. What she did was send me pictures of bags she wanted and sent me pictures of the fabrics she wanted used for each bag... hmmm, seeing that at Gidan Nodza (herein shortened to GN) fabrics used are usually dyed in small quantity and a project or two usually takes up all the available fabric, so making exact pieces will be almost impossible. What I now did was to stay true to the basic characteristics of each bag to come up with similar versions of the bags she wanted. Now I think I can say that I almost nailed it with the black/grey and red combo, fabric and 3D patterns seem similar and bag design is almost an exact replica of the last two. See picture below;

The second bag on the other hand succeeds as Tumilara Bag in terms of design concept but you will agree with me that it still stands on its own. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive delivering this bag I was expecting a "...but it's not the same as the picture" from the customer and I was armed and ready with my explanations, so imagine my relief when what I got instead was "...The bags are wao!!! I really like them..." See! No mention of the difference in fabric #chuffedmodeactivated hehehe... but then looking at the bag, you can't el but agree with me that this bag is not bad at all. See pictures below and tell me know what you think.

I have to say this though, I'm loving the extra detail on the handles of this our Tumilara Bag����
So, what do you make of the two bags so far? Would love to hear from you, drop a note sometime why don't you �� 

Thank you so much for stopping by and may the grass be greener always on your side- Ameen.


1 Nov 2014

Blast From The Past: 40 Wallets And A Wedding!

This post was back in 2010 and in honour of the couple's 4th wedding anniversary and 2 kids later this series of "Blast from the past" will be dedicated to them. I posted a picture a few days back on Instagram about these wallets and below is a comment from the then 'Bride' now 'Wife' 'Mother' and 'Friend' 

@gidannodza I remember these! My husband still has his. They were absolutely lovely, the guys couldn't stop talking about them. Thanks again. X

The kind of feedback that makes me warm in my stomach hehehehe. Anyways read the post and view pictures below as I posted it back then in 2010.

A friend asked that I make gifts to give away at his wedding and his request gave us a chance to try our hand at making wallets... I mean what could be more perfect as a "Thank You for being part of our wedding " gift like customized leather wallets with your name and your partners name boldly embossed on the face of the wallets and OUR NEW LOGO (yaaaay!!!) discreetly embossed inside the wallet as well. That way anytime the owner whips out the wallet to make payments and such he is reminded of "your" appreciation which reminds him of "your day" which further keeps "your day" fresh in his/her mind and that way everybody is happy lol!!!

Our Logo (as it was then) discreeeeetly embossed inside.

All of'em

The owner specified that the wallets be pocket sized and to have just 2 compartments for cards and such, that way one is not bogged down with too many card slots (I mean who needs to move around with that many cards in your pocket huh?)
But seriously if you are readying to tie the knot, or you are a friend of some couple to be readying to tie the knot, or you are just plain looking for unique and customized souvenirs and/gift just give us the heads up and we will be happy to oblige.

That said...so how are you wonderful people? Hope everything is on the up and up. I have missed blogging, really I have... so it is safe to say I- AM- BACK!!! You will see more of me YOU GO TIRE! Even if it just to share what I am not doing on the internet with you guys I will be in your face (inhales harshly and beats chest) AHOO!!!


At GN we still make wallets and purses and tote bags as souvenirs. What better way to say "thank you" to your guest than by giving them a handmade something special. These wallets will start conversations or in some cases end the discussion! All items are handmade (and can be customised with your message, or names or...) here in Lagos Nigeria and can be delivered directly to you. So, do you have an event coming up and you want your gift to leave everyone wanting? Then look no further just send us a mail to houseofnodza@gmail.com for price quote! #40walletsandawedding #handmade #Leather #idealsouvenirs #weddings #makeyoursspecial #gifts #frombrideandgroom #customrequest #personalizedgift #endofdiscussion

Thank you so much for stopping by, and just so you know our storefront is looking better and better, stop by on http://gidannodza.smemarkethub.com, you might find something with your name on it * wink* Enjoy your weekend. 



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