18 Apr 2014

New look Slobo Bag in 3D

Slobo Bag; A cross between a slouchy bag and a hobo bag.

As it's always the case here at Gidan Nodza, when a bag is made for the first time chances are that the first bag will be the only one of its kind because the design will be tweaked or modified in some way. The first complete piece is usually a working prototype which I end up using myself or I give away, sometimes the giveaway is publicly made and most times it is made under the table lol. After making the first Slobo bag here and feeling so excited that I had conquered my fear of making slouchy bags I knew that the design was going to change drastically. I wasn't aii with the positioning of the handle, didn't like the way the bottom looked when in use because items in the bag tended to gather at the bottom centre, I didn't... well lets just say that generally when my eyes cleared I was able to look at the bag critically and tell myself what will work and what wouldn't work...design wise. The result of that critical eye balling is this version of the Slobo bag, I love this "new improved version" and hope know that it's here to stay but then thats just me. Pray tell, which version is your fave? This new look or the first attempt because I know that I can criticise, tweak and change all I want but like they say; different strokes for different folks abi. 

Gotta run, I have some fabrics that I have prepped and in 3D mode ready for my next projects...can't wait to finish and share pictures ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy the Easter holidays.


16 Apr 2014

Lolo Clutch Revamped!

Brief post, busy much! 

Going through my blog I realised that I'm yet to share the pictures of the final version of the Lolo clutch. I mentioned in this post of the first version of the Lolo clutch that I was going to tweak the design a bit. So, the design has been tweaked as you can see and so far I've made 5 pieces (the 5th is this custom made suede version) I gotta confess, I enjoyed making this bag, I knew what I wanted in my head, and after a few sketches, a few prototypes, some tweaking and a bit more tweaking later I am finally satisfied! *Sigh* ������
Enjoy the pictures and please let me know which version is your bestest �� Yeah! I said bestest! ��

Lolo Clutch in 3D

I think I have just 2 left, if you are interested please visit the stockist page on our website to get your hands on a piece or, if you would prefer a piece made just for you let us know here.

Ok, gotta go, this is turning out to be a not so brief post lol. Thank you so much for stopping by and may all your dreams come true


31 Mar 2014


Most times I forget to take pictures until after the "picture" moment but below is what I got when I did remember...how random is that?

The process...
My stash of hardware, threads, tools and other bric-a-brac. I have some cowries in there, some coral beads in there, some plastic buttons in there, my tool box is also in there, keep in mind that I've been collecting for years...

Finally got my new rotary cutters and spare blades, see all the Rotary cutters (the green one is my old reliable...had it for yeeeeears)? *wink wink* and NO! one size of rotary cutter will just- not- do period! That blade sharpener is the ISH though. 

 At my favourite place doing what I looooove. That lady's #shuku is killing it!!!

 Remember this bag? Owner brought it for some polishing and hardware maintenance...YES! We do after sales service too ;)

 Custom order patchwork High Waist belt. Want one? Buy here

  Yup! They had to go and do it lol! But seriously, keep calm...it's not that big a deal.

Patchwork Nana Tote. Want this one or something similar? Buy here and here

Hardware restocking!!! Call Joyce on 08023675707 to get yours.


29 Mar 2014

While I wasn't looking...

...Gidan Nodza got featured...yaaay!!! I noticed some upward movement on my blog and website stats and upon investigation found out that these 2 sites amongst others were responsible. Now show me an artisan out there who doesn't feel giddy with excitement when out of the blues your work is seen, appreciated and most of all mentioned and I will show you someone who is still searching... Thank you so much Atelier Fifty Five and Inudun for thinking Gidan Nodza worthy of your time, we feel humbled ��

The sites are Atelier Fifty Five and Inudun and you can read the post by clicking the links below;




9 Mar 2014

Gidan Nodza Live on MyAsho.com

GIDAN NODZA PRODUCTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON MYASHO.COM!!! I know I'm shouting right? That's because I am sooooooo excited!!! Our international customers have now been fully and well taken care of! I say this because even though our oversea customers don't say it (and we love and appreciate you for that) we know that the shipping fees can be daunting to say the least, but you have all kept faith and waited patiently for your orders to arrive, sometimes for weeks and then some... Now thanks to the good people at MyAsho we are happy to say that our items are just a click away....yaaay!!! *singing Pharrel William's 'Happy' song*

Wont spoil the moment by yakking away, just click HERE and start shopping!

Also, remember that if you are in Lagos, you can now purchase GN products at; Weave & Co located at No 1 Moorehouse M Gallery, Bankole Oki Road Ikoyi, Lagos. The Curator is such a lovely person and she will make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week ahead.


16 Feb 2014

Something old, something new...

While you were not watching, I made these bags and belt and delivered them to the owners before you could say "Shokolokobamboshe!"...don't twist your tongue trying to pronounce it if you're not Nigerian cos errrm it's a Nigerian thing...and that also depends on what decade you were born in so...yeah.

Anywhoos back to the post, all items were made on request which would explain why the only pictures I have are phone images because, the items if I remember correctly left the workshop for delivery at the last minute and all I had was just enough time to take quick pictures with my phone.

Model posing with the original version of the high waist belt and customer rocking her own belt.

 The black Lolo clutch was made with Suede leather which I think did justice to the clutch bag (more Suede pieces coming soon) The bottom left picture was the first bag I made using the 3D dyeing technique and the bottom right picture was a customised version of Nana Tote.

Brownie bag has been revamped and renamed the Ranti Tote, it has adjustable handles and side hook to further secure items in the bag. 

Gotta run, lots to do and so little time. Have a great week ahead and thank you so much for stopping by.


11 Feb 2014

Tea party aftermath...

The exhibition was a success!!! Thanks to all those that took the time to stop by, sales were made, contacts exchanged and friendships formed. If you missed it worry not! It was the first tea party and will certainly not be the last. Have fun looking at the pictures we have for now, more coming soon.


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10 Feb 2014

Introducing: 3D Dyeing

Check out the 3D dyeing concept I mentioned here and here.

Genesis: I had been researching on a new way to do and old technique and one thing led to another and what I'd like to call "3D Dyeing" was born, truth is that after my initial research I attempted to try out my findings and it was a disaster... initially, but after a few days of beating myself up and trying to correct it I got an idea and voila! The 3D dyeing was born.
What is 3D dyeing? I call it so because it is a technique of batik dyeing on fabric that you can feel (according to me *big grin*) You can actually close your eyes and literally understand the pattern on the fabric by feeling the raised technique on the fabric. I tell you, its not enough to just see it, you have to feel it to understand what I mean...I can go as far as saying that the "feeling" can be therapeutic for you the "feeler" lol! Don't mind me jare *shining teeth* I'm sure you can tell that I am going gaga over this. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think...and go gaga too :D

Thank you so much for stopping by and like the genesis of the 3D dyeing technique "always look for the blessing in every disappointment, you will surely find one"


3 Feb 2014

Crafted For Valentine

Gidan Nodza and other skilled artisans are having a tea party/exhibition!!! There will be loads of uniquely handcrafted items on display for those that want to shop early for Valentine's day, trust me this is going to be nothing like what you are used to so come join us and have fun.

Date: 9th February 2014
Time: 12pm- 8pm
Venue: Ereko Room at the Moore House Hotel, 1 Bankole Oki Street, Ikoyi Lagos.

GN will display bags made using the 3D dyeing technique that I mentioned here.

So, see you there.


2 Feb 2014

Heads up...

*clears throat* Microphone check 1- 2- 3!!! *removes cobwebs and clears dust* Testing testing... 3-2-1 *waves* How are you all doing? Just to let you guys know that we are still here and haven't packed it all in, it's just been a very busy month (not that we are complaining :D ) but we will resume regular blogging soon... hopefully much more regular blogging than last year lol. A lot is happening in the background as well...we are talking with potential online stockist, we want to make GN products accessible by just a click of a button, want to get rid of all that writing back and forth, if you've tried buying from the website then you know what I'm talking about.
So yeah, a lot to look forward to this year.
I'm trying out something I call the 3D dyeing...can't wait to share it with you guys, so watch this space *giddy with excitement* Gotta run.


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24 Dec 2013

Happy Holidays!

We would sincerely like to thank our customers and clients, fans and well wishers for the patronage and support in 2013. As we look forward to the year 2014, we at Gidan Nodza would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.
Happy holidays guys...

21 Dec 2013

Slobo Bag: New Bag Alert!

Slobo Bag; A cross between a Slouchy and a Hobo bag.

A cross between a Slouchy bag and a Hobo bag. For a while now, I've been trying to make the perfect GN slouchy bag, after a series of sketches, prototypes, more sketches and more prototypes I finally got the desired shape that I was satisfied with. The thing about a slouchy bag for me is that it must have the right amount of "Slouch" not just a boat shaped bag with handle, I wanted something with depth so that it is slouchy when carried but will also sit properly and not loose it's "slouchyness"... you get me? 

This is a working prototype but variations of it will be available for purchase soon. Are you into slouchy bags? Please let me know what you make of this our new Slobo bag.

Thank you so much for stopping by and it's 4 days to Christmas yaaaay!!! 

20 Dec 2013

Tumilara Bucket Bag: New Bag Alert!!!

Tumilara: Lovely name for a lovely bag. Tried out this bucket bag a while back using Aso-Oke and leather here, but this time I made it with leather and a chain link shoulder handle. This bag is not too big not too small and measures approx. 10” height, 12”width and 6”depth, this roomy shoulder bag is fully lined and also features zipped and cell phone pockets. So, what do you make of these?

Unfortunately our website is being upgraded at the moment but these bags and more will be available for purchase on line soon, please bear with us.

Thank you so much for stopping by and it's 5 days to Christmas yaaaay!!! 

18 Dec 2013

Great style, great bag and great hair!!!

Here is one of the winners of our just concluded handbag giveaway rocking her Joxy Clutch. The gorgeous winner owns the blog Dressed2dnines where she shows you how to mix and match pieces from her stash of great looking clothes and accessories...and this Joxy clutch bag got featured too not once but twice yaaaay!!!

In the pictures she carried the same "Joxy Clutch bag" in two different ways...and I think she pulled off each look well but then that's just me...which look is your fave? P.S You can buy most of the items she shows off on the blog too ;)

Meanwhile don't you just LOVE her hair?

Christmas is almost here whoop!!! What are your plans for this Christmas? A Gidan Nodza bag will be a fitting gift to yourself or a special someone me thinks lol ;) Anyways, shop our bags here

More bags will be put up on the website soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by and Compliments Of The Season...

7 Dec 2013

Post National Handbag Day Give Away!!!

Another Update: Give away is over, thanks to all that took part but sadly, we can only give out the clutches to 2 people. Please visit our Instagram page here to see the winners and pick up details. Thank you everybody, you were all such great sports. We will definitely do this again ;) :D

UPDATE: New Lolo clutch added to the give away, one Joxy clutch taken away and give away extended for 1 more week...so, get participating! 

I mentioned in this post that I was going to do a give away to celebrate the first ever National Handbag Day. Apologies that the post is a few weeks late but never late than never right? *covers face* To show you folks how sorry we are we've decided to give away not one but two bags today. Yeah I know... Christmas is going to come early for 2 lucky fans *big grin* 
The items for the give-away are the New Lolo clutch and dark pink version of the Joxy clutch bags, read more about the clutch bags here.
Take a good look at the bags, if you see anyone with your name on it then see below for conditions on who to rob to qualify...just kidding o lol! 

To qualify, you must;
a. Be our fan on facebook, follow  us on Instagram and on twitter too
b. Indicate your interest by dropping a comment on this post and on the facebook fan page too.
c. Also, refer people to follow and/like us on Facebook and or Instagram. 
d. Share! Share!! Share!!! 
e. Errrrrrr... be over 18yrs lol!
f. Delivery of bags to winners must be within Nigeria. 

The 2 winners will be announced at the end of the month, so good luck everybody.

As always, thanks a lot for stopping by.


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