14 Sep 2014

Being Frank About The January Bag

I have made so many January bags I cannot keep count, sometimes I will find a picture or two from my archives and I will go like "Oh wow! I totally forgot I made that bag" or a customer will drop me a mail and just mention on the side that she is still totally loving the Red or Blue January bag she got from me/I made for her, or someone would tag me on a picture of them rocking their January bag... that kind of stuff. I have to admit that it always feels good to discover/find an old forgotten project or a current picture of an old piece especially if it's still in use because it kinda gives me an opportunity to watch the process of wear and tear on the piece and give me a chance to understand how my brand of customers use my bags and to know which angle of my craft needs improving... Hmmmm you get what is happening here right? Yeah! This is me shamelessly begging for pictures of your Gidan Nodza bag, wear and tear and all I want to see it! and who knows, you might get a newer version of the exact piece *pun intended* lol ����

As I was saying... The first January bag I made was far back in 2011 and boy oh boy it was totally different from what it is now (in my opinion that is) the truth is "this" current design was what I had in mind originally but something happened from design to execution and "that" was the outcome. I used the bag for a bit, understood what I had to do to tweak it, got a few peoples opinions, made, sold and gave out a couple, I tweaked the design again until I finally settled on the design as it is now. You will notice that design wise, everything about each bag is the same except some versions have zipped compartment in front while some don't. Well that mainly depends on the material I'm using. An all leather version will tend to have a zipped compartment out front so as to create a little something going on out front instead of leaving all that wide and endless space that is the front body bare, the dyed fabric version however is usually without a zipped compartment because there is already a lot going on and you don't want to interrupt the pattern flow hehehehe... *does that make sense to anyone else but me?* lol! Anyways I have created a collage of the January bags that I have... I have more pictures but unfortunately the collage maker could only take a maximum of ten pictures (will update the collection if I find another collage app that will take more) So go through the pictures and see if you can tell the earliest and the current. Ohhhh... before I forget, read the post on the first ever January bag here and tell me which version you prefer ��

Gotta go! A new week is upon us and I expect to have a super busy one. Thank you so much for stopping by and May life be good to you and yours- Ameen. 

Whatever you do stay safe and remember to wash your hands regularly #ebolawatch


13 Sep 2014

From old to new...

I had made (and forgotten) similar versions of this bag years ago ... 2009 to be exact! So imagine my surprise when a customer requested for an almost exact version of the bag. I have to admit feeling chuffed that a customer would take the time to go through my blog to find what she wanted ������. To be honest though, it has been on my mind to go through my old designs and pick out pieces that I will revamp, but of course I never got round to doing it. So this request is kinda double special because it forced me to drop everything I was doing to do just that. I had to go through my archives, both physically (old sketch books and jotters for measurements) and electronically (old flash drives for pictures) to get the exact details about the bag. My methods, tools and machines have changed improved drastically from 2009 so I was quite eager to see what a 'newer version' of the exact piece would be. I tried to stay true to the original design and even though I made some slight changes to it, I made a conscious effort to make sure that the changes will not affect the overall look of the bag when finished, I think I nailed it and the customer thought so too hehehehe. See older versions here and here and let me know what you think. 

Front view
Side view
Back view

Like the first 2 versions, this bag is very roomy and the lined interior has 2 phone pouches, a zipped compartment and an extra pouch as well as a top zip to further make sure contents are safe. 

OK gotta go finish the work I have on my work table. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you all are having an easy weekend? Whatever you do stay safe and remember to wash your hands regularly #ebolawatch


31 Aug 2014

Ini-Obong: Tie-dye and 3D

It's September already (well it will be in a few hours anyway)?! Wow! Time really does fly...very soon it will be Christmas and next we will be saying Happy 2015 and stuff...wow! Back the post shall we...

Gidan Nodza on Polyvore

The Ini-Obong bag is spotting a new look. Remember the original look here and the first one ever made here? Well I have modified the look a just bit. The top handle...well the only handle really has been made longer, why? You might ask...well so that it can be hand-held and shoulder-carried as well, that way it eliminates the need for a longer removable/adjustable handle which some customers have complained gets in the way and ends up getting missing when you forget where you dropped it. Also, the lock has changed...and might change again unless I start making them myself *sigh* Thank you Mushin market for your inconsistency! Anyways, enough talk enjoy more pictures below;

So, of all the Ini-Obong looks, which is your favourite? I would really love to know. Also, what do you guys think about my Polyvore look? Whoop or booo?

Gotta go, thank you so much for stopping by and remember to enjoy "now" while you can and worry not about the tomorrow ...


29 Aug 2014

Blast from the past: Three in One Custom Order Bags

Blast from the past: 25/08/2009

I absolutely love it when I get custom orders especially orders that will have me wondering what the heck I got myself into making bags in the first place lol! The purple bag in the picture is one of such custom request and it is my most versatile yet, it can be a shoulder bag/messenger bag and by adding the second strap it becomes a back pack. It is large enough to be a laptop bag and still roomy to contain other stuff too. The brown on the other hand is a shoulder/messenger bag. Each bag has compartment for a laptop, two outer zipped pockets, a pouch, interior zipped compartment and phone pouches. 

Ok, so back to the present hehehehe. Looking at these bags now I can't help but smile because I remember how I felt when I accepted agreed to do the bags - the purple bag especially, I worried for a long time that I was not going to be able to do the bag as per specifications, nail bitting moment I tell you and even after I made and delivered it I was sure that I was going to get a mail from the owner telling me how disappointed she was that the bag failed to meet up o her expectations and blablabla... So, imagine my relief when I got the comment below from the owner;

"I have not been to your blog in ages, I just wanted to let you know that I loved my bag (I actually wrote you a long newsy email about it and just as I clicked the send icon,the computer I was using went burst so I dont know if you got it or not) Im sorry I have not written again, but my bag is the coolest thing and Im happy to see a picture of it!

Well done!" 
Needless to say, it made my day!

Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by and the weekend is here yay! So, have a great one and stay blessed ��! 


23 Aug 2014

Backpack of life!

Very cheesy title I know but I couldn't come up with anything else appropriate for what I'm about to share. I found this bag while I was googling for anything I could find on backpacks and I was like OMG!!! Brilliant! I mean yeah, some might think it creepy and all but you gotta admit it is...wow! The detailing on the skull is fantastic... wish I had this while in the University, I would have rocked the stitches off the bag! Anyways what do you guys think? Hell yeah! Hell no!! (pardon the pun) or WTF?! Read more about the bag, the production process and if it's your thing, the price here

So, what are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is stay safe �� and thank you ever so much for stopping by.


16 Aug 2014

Quick one...

Something I found while trolling the internet looking for "How to build a handbag brand" Found some very interesting read here and here

Source: Onairbyvickychavarri.files.wordpress.com


10 Aug 2014

All the bags in the world...

I found these stories while I was randomly surfing the internet (instead of working hehehehe) and thought to share.
Check out this lady's 3 story closet, the picture below is just a collage I created of some things in the "closet" Her bag collection is mental!

Photo and story source: Purseblog and Neiman Marcus Blog

...and read about how she was robbed; http://www.purseblog.com/chanel-bags/americas-largest-closet-robbed-1-million-luxury-goods.html

I am not going to judge the 3 storey closet, or all the shoes, bags, jewellery etc ... To each his own right? But you have to wonder though, when people showcase a blow by blow extent of their wealth out in the open especially on the internet, is that not begging to be robbed? ... #justwondering

Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week ahead.


6 Aug 2014

Tie-Dye, Batik, 3D and Clutches...

It's been a wet week 'every-day' here in Lagos and though I absolutely love when it rains I have found myself wishing for a bit of more sunshine... shopping for leather is no fun in the rain. Anyways, the show must go on right? Rain or no rain orders must be completed lol! So, I've been very busy and have not had time to take pictures soooo I decided to share these picture of the Lolo clutches I made a while back. Following the first sets of Lolo clutches I made (read post here) I got a request to make a piece exactly like the first Red and golden yellow I made, but since no two pieces made at Gidan Nodza are ever the same I tried to make it as close to the original but not such that you would mistake one for the other, the result I would say was more than satisfactory...*feeling chuffed* See the picture of the said clutch below and two others I made while I was still in the 'Lolo Clutch making mood'. Please let me know what you think and of course which version is your fave!

All 3 clutches were made with fabrics dyed using our 3D dyeing technique, read about the dyeing technique here

Ok, so this is where I sign out! Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy what's left of the week.


2 Aug 2014

Joke Shoulder Bag...Chain up!

The Joxy clutch bag has been redesigned and renamed the Joke Shoulder bag. I have piped the bag and have also added detachable chain handle to give the user a choice of clutching or carrying but apart from that everything else about the design remains the same. These two clutches are available for purchase on our online shop and we will deliver anywhere! See my attempt at creating a look using the Black and Red version of the Joke Bag on Polyvore, what do you think? Should I just stick to making bags and leave the mixing and matching to the pros? Let me know and No! I won't hate you for being honest, I will just put you in my black books and be shooting internet missiles at you steady...lol! just kidding hehehe but seriously I would love to see the looks you can create using GN bags ��
View pictures below;

Black tie-dye fabric- red and black 3D dyeing effect-red thread surface stitching and red Saffiano leather

Brown and burnt orange tie dye fabric-orange thread surface stitching with orange Saffiano leather

Ok, gotta run so much to do so little time (am I beginning to sound like a broken record?) Oh well, it is what it is *big grin* Thank you so much for stopping by and may God's Grace be with you always-Amin.

I'm loving this lady's blog http://dressed2dnines.blogspot.com I will see if I can ask/beg/bribe/blackmail her into modeling/posing/mixing and matching some GN pieces ...hmmm now that I think about it, I definitely will *getting excited* 


31 Jul 2014

Clara Top Handle Clutch: New Bag Alert

For the very "lady like" Lady. Clara clutch bag will encourage you to carry along just your essentials.  
The interior will easily hold a wallet, a phone, some essential cosmetics. Bag has a zipped compartment and a phone pouch. Bag measures approx; 8"H 9"W and 2.5"D.

Just one of these is available for purchase. Visit our E-shop to buy it and much more.
(yeah, today is one of those slow blogging days, sorry *sheepish face*)

Thank you so much for stopping by and may your reality be much bigger than your dreams.


22 Jul 2014

Fabric Dyeing, Custom Orders and then some

Fabrics of the moment

Its going to be a busy couple of days here at GN. I have some custom request to take care of and in between that I have to check with my leather supplier for some black leather she promised I would get tomorrow, after a number of visits and rejecting what she showed me she promised to surprise me tomorrow... well here is hoping. 

Anyways find below pictures of what I've been up to and what I will be busy doing for the next couple of days.  

Picture story of my process of dyeing the fabrics I use for my projects.

 January Bag and Patchwork Aduke bag loading...

They are ready!!!  Remember I wrote about them here, well these Joxy clutches will be renamed. More on that later. 

So gotta run, those bags won't make themselves will they? *sigh, sometimes I wish though* 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and always remember that the grass might seem to be greener on the other side but it usually isn't! 


19 Jul 2014

Mushin Leather Market- Part Two

Read Part One here

This is an old picture...

Its been a wet week and seeing as I couldn't postpone my trip to the leather market any longer I had to brave the elements and make the trip, but if you know me well enough you will know that rain or shine I always look forward to visiting Mushin leather market. Unfortunately the rain at the market today was particularly heavy, everywhere was muddy, murky, messy and then some, I couldn't take pictures because most stalls were packed to the brim with customers waiting for the rain to ease up and of course our good ole electric power suppliers used the rain as an excuse to cut power...so imagine this- you have heavy rain, leaking roofs, wet clothes, muddy feet/shoes, damp leathers, a room packed full of soaked but body heat generating artisans, a sprinkling of wet HAIR weaves (I have locks by the way which I wash every week *straight face*) ... So, get the picture? That scenario is not a perfect picture moment, its a wonder I was able to get anything at all...although for me it was a do or DIE! I cannot brave the elements to go to the market and then get back home empty handed, I rolled up my jeans, put all my valuables in my bag, told my locks to prepare for the worst and went ahead to complete my mission! Which didn't turn out so well because I ended up forgetting some of my stuff... I was almost home when I realised that I was missing a bag, luckily I remembered where I had left it and called someone I could rely on to get and keep the stuff till I was ready. 

Anyways, re-reading this first market post that I did in 2011, I realised that not much has changed, Mushin leather market is still Mushin leather market, more shops have opened though (which is always a good thing) quality of both leather and hardware has improved but apart from that everything is still same ole same ole ...

So, check out my stash from the market below;

Bag frames, chains and rivets: Expect to see some frame bags available for sale soon. Loving those rivets by the way. P.S These were the stuff I forgot in the market ... I would have been miserable for a while if I had REALLY lost it. 

Cork soles, shoe strap pattern and rubber soles: Yup! I'm trying out new things...

Leather: I really really love the experience of searching, finding the right piece and buying leather *sigh* 

There, I gotta go. Gotta check on the fabrics I am dyeing and I need to get those Joxy clutches of yesterday ready before Monday 21st July. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and stay blessed.


18 Jul 2014

Projects loading...

I just put this up on my instagram page and thought to just drop a quick one on the blog. These are the projects currently on my work table, Joxy clutch bag will now have detachable handle... as clutch bags go, Joxy bag is quite large so we feel its only fair to give our customers options. I am excited and nervous to see the outcome... #theprocess #3Ddyeing #tieanddye   
As seen here http://instagram.com/gidannodza 

...I know, I need to change my cutting mat...it's on the high sea biko, so please bear with me lol! Thank you so much for stopping by and have great weekend.


Mushin Leather Market - Part One

This post was originally made in 2011, but to be honest, not much has changed. I was at the market today and decided to put up a sequel to this post...it will be up in a bit, in the meantime refresh your memory before then will ya'

I was in Mushin a few days back doing what I love doing best...you guessed it, buying leather! It was a wet day and it had to be a quick in and out for me, I was in the market like a few minutes past  8:00 am and out by 10:00 am (that is a record for me cos visiting this market is usually like a full day's event for me, I never get tired of this place, it seems I am always discovering new stuff... it's great I tell you) 

As far as I know Mushin is the largest retail leather market in Lagos (I stand to be corrected) where you can get both imported and locally produced leather and not to mention fake leather (though the sellers will swear that it is genuine) You can get just about any kind of leather here... that's if you are willing to get on your knees (errr not reeeeally or rather not always..but you get my drift) and dig through piles of musty leather for that greeeeeeat looking piece that you have been searching for all your life, just to be told that most of that greeeeeeat piece sold out a few days back - if not you will just have to settle for what is hung on nails and hooks, but trust me digging for leather is much more fun!!! I get most of my metal/bronze accessories here too. 


Continue for more pictures and tips on how to make this wonderful market work for you

This seller sells mainly shoe making stuff, but that's not to say I wont buy from him when I see something that might work for me

 This is Joyce, I get most of my metals and other accessories from her. The pieces pinned on the board behind her are samples of what she had has available... just pray that the piece you want at a particular time is in stock cos a piece being on the board doesn't necessarily mean it's in stock (That's Mushin for you) 
More of Joyce's shop, how she makes sense of all this stuff amazes me
See what I mean about making making sense? 

Over time I have learnt that to get the best out of this market, you have to;
  1. Have an idea of  Know what you want
  2. Have the time to search for what you want
  3. Never shy away from asking questions and always take what the sellers tell you with a pinch of salt
  4. When the sellers tell you it wont work, say thank you but buy it and try it out first
  5. See accessories you like? TAKE EVERYTHING!!! or if you are short on cash at the time, put money down on everything but make sure you go back to collect ASAP, chances are you might never not get them again
  6.  Fight the urge not to always buy the first leather you see (easier said than done I tell you) cos chances you might find something better just when you have run out of cash.
  7. Ignore sellers that shout and make noise to get your attention, those that have the good stuff wont call out, they will wait for you to find them after many hits and misses
  8. Learn to talk from the corner of your mouth to other buyers to feel them out on what you are purchasing to get their view on genuineness and price- some might oblige you and some will try to be standoffish- forgive but forget them!
  9. Wear flats or slippers, jeans/pants in short dress comfortably and be ready to climb, duck, jump, push back, dodge and where necessary elbow through buyers, sellers, hawkers, children, cars, bikes, goats, chickens... you name it hehehehe
  10. Last but not least (I need to sleep...it's 1:57 am) learn to take in a lot from the corners of your eyes without alerting the sellers... window shop in style while still moving fast on your feet - dodging, ducking, jumping...you get my drift
  11. Oh....and another last, when you see what you reeeeallly reeeealllly want... look bored, uninterested and almost angry even, act like it's not really what you are after but are going to make do with it anyway, don't act over excited or that way they will never reduce from the initial price (easier said than done I tell you, most times I get carried away and get cheated in the process, but I still end up a happy camper lol!!!)
On a final note (this is the last I promise) always take the time to be nice and courteous to the sellers, it cost nothing I swear and don't forget that just like you they are out to make a killing (so to speak) I have come to learn that you can make loyal customers too out of them, you will find that some that are willing to go out on a limb for you i.e holding down items for you without prior deposit, telling you what and who not to buy from, alerting you of new stock deliveries and such small favours... you know

Kai!!! I need to sleep. I hope to take pictures soon... I have been working and neglecting the pictures part mainly because I do not have a proper camera... there is just sooooo much a phone camera can do (even for a smart phone) So hopefully I should be able to take care of that bit this weekend or early next week and I will put'em up for all ya viewing pleasure. 

But in the mean time be thankful for what you have and thank you ever so much for stopping by and the support.  



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